Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The data in the tokens is accessible to different groups in different locations. It allows data to be updated in all locations simultaneously.

Smart Contract

Enables the predetermined conditions and regulations to be written and integrated into code.

Hyperledger BESU

Ethereum client


Data that is input cannot be changed

InnoBlock partnered with Urbanetic on the TokenFab project and provided the core blockchain platform for asset tokenization.

TokenBlock is an asset tokenization platform that specializes on the fractionalization of property assets. We make Blockchain technology accessible for real estate developers, investors and financial institutions. TokenBlock creates a brand new ecosystem for the real estate industry to help real estate developers raise funds and lower the entry barrier for potential investors. Property assets can also be tokenized and once a piece of real estate property has been tokenized it can be further fractionalized, making it accessible to a wider group. 


Increases transparency

Lower transaction cost

Fast and easy transactions

Lowers barrier of entry to invest in real estate