Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The data in the tokens is accessible to different groups in different locations. It allows data to be updated in all locations simultaneously.

Smart Contract

Enables the predetermined conditions and regulations to be written and integrated into code.

Hyperledger BESU

Ethereum client


Data that is input cannot be changed

Tokenized Loyalty Program

How does a Tokenized Loyalty Program work?

1. TokenBlock:

Creates tokens with hyperledger BESU and smart contract

2. Brand:

Purchases the tokens and convert it into loyalty points

3. Loyalty Program:

Send out tokenized loyalty points to customers by the brand’s own reward Placed in companies’ wallet and can be distributed by them according to their own awards logic


Interoperable between different loyalty programs

Low barrier to entry for companies

Allows for the instant transfer of tokens

Increase customer loyalty

Eliminate the need for multiple cards and accounts

No expiry dates on the coupons